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July 10, 2013

Crime seems to be everywhere.  Some say it's because of the downturn in the economy.   I have been a victim in multiple incidences lately of the crime of procrastination.   Several unfinished projects lay nearby as my eyelids gently close for a much needed nap.  I can imagine the completed crafts; a personally designed quilt, a crocheted baby hat and blanket, a family history album bursting with stories, documents and pictures, and my box of old photos all  organized, labeled and scanned.. 

This blog may be the biggest thief of my time, because I only have two followers.



July 13, 2012
I thought continuously keeping up with technology terminology would be the most challenging for a senior.  Then while watching a storage auction on the History Channel, I heard a new word:  MURSE.   The next day, a lawyer sitcom show had the same word.  What is a Murse?  It's a man's purse.

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July 13, 2012
This is a year of surprises in education for my family.  My daughter Kara Davis, age 48,  won the PG&E Bright Minds $30,000 Scholarship.  She is a full time student at Sonoma College.  My nephew Seth Wagers of Montana is going to college at age 16. My sister Violet Moore, age 70+,  received a semester scholarship to Las Positas college and is preparing to take her entrance exams.  Every day is a learning experience for me, but nobody is paying me.
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November 28, 2011
Back to School sales begin in July, then the Halloween sales racks fill the stores.  Before the shelves are bare, Christmas appears and Thanksgiving disappears. True, we should be thankful every day, yet I miss the traditional Thanksgiving of childhood; he smell of the cinnamon and spice in the pies, oven-cooked dressing saturated with sage and more people than Mama's home could hold.

Thanksgiving 2011 has passed and my days are filled with raking colorful fall leaves.  I am thankful to live ...
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May 5, 2011
"Mayday" is universally known as a distress call for airplanes and ships.  When we were kids "May Day" was the first day of May.  We made construction paper cone shaped baskets, filled them with fresh flowers from our yard and hung them on our neighbors' doors.

Whatever happened to that May Day?  If you remember celebrating May Day, I would like to hear from you.

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Vi's Vision

April 20, 2011
This website replaces my previous Dragoo Carr Family Album site, which was linked to my Internet server.

My vision is to update this site regularly and to use the blog posts for others to ask questions about our family history.
Followers can post Information about documents about William "Indian Billy" Dragoo on the Indian Billy category.

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