Dragoo - Carr Family History



1.  if it's on the 'net or a website, it must be true.

2.  I don't need to research my family history.  It's already on the Internet free and subscription sites.

3.  If it's there, I can copy and republish it.

None of the above statements are true.

#1 - Just because it's in print, doesn't make it true.  Look for sources or references.  Some of the sites now allow posting of photos and documents.   Try emailing the webmaster or poster to obtain additional information.  Remember a ged.com file is not an original source.

#2 - Same answer as #1.  Try to obtain at least one or two documents for each person in your family tree.  Site the source in your genealogy software program, scan to the computer or print to place in a binder.

#3 - Copyright laws also apply to websites.  Permission to reprint is required for photos or stories. Exception:  Dates and places that are public information.

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