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An old scam has resurfaced in my area and possibly near you. The telephone rings, usually late at night or a very inconvenient time.  There is no caller ID or the ID is blocked.  Better pick up.  It could be important.


The caller gives his or her full name and speaking quickly in a concerned voice, delivers the bad news.  Microsoft has detected malicious spyware on your computer.  Provide your computer serial number and they will fix the problem.  Yes, there is a problem, but it’s not in your computer.  The problem is the caller.  You will be directed to a website to allow access to “fix” your computer. 

Read about this scam at Snopes.com



FACT:  Microsoft does not monitor your computer.

 FACT: Their employees do not call you about computer virus and spyware problems.

If you are computer savvy and/or don’t use Microsoft software on your computer, you will probably say so and hang up.      Never give any information to an unknown source.  Comments encourage the caller. There are options, but #1 is the most appropriate-- just hang up

1)     Best Choice -- Hang up


2)     Tell them you are on the Do Not Call Registry and then hang up.


3)     Tell them you know they are a scam.  You still have to hang up, but it’s emotionally rewarding.

4)     If you are a computer guru, ask questions and enjoy the bantering conversation about your computer problems from someone who is reading cues from a card or a prompter.  Try to get a call back phone number, an email or a postal mailing address.  Use that information to file a complaint with any agency who will listen.  You still have to use option 1—just hang up.


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